REAL SIMPLE! The beauty of a super simple skincare program. – Yoshiko Roth

11 Dec

I am a complete product junkie. I am always magically drawn to the beauty aisles, drugstores or duty free shops at airports. Even though my JUARA products constitute the core of my skincare program, my medicine cabinet at home is crammed with different products that I want to test or still use on occasion In other words, I am constantly trying something new and switching my program around, which is probably not such a good thing for my sensitive skin. I usually blame lack of sleep, temperature changes and air pollution, when my skin becomes blotchy or flaky.

Last month, I had to travel to Las Vegas and Los Angeles for business for almost 2 weeks. Since I didn’t want to pay the free for check-in luggage, I decided to squeeze all my multi-tasking clothing and shoes into a carry-on case and reduce my toiletry bag to containing only the absolute necessities. For skincare, I only packed travel-sizes of my Rice Facial Cleanser, Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner and Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer. For sun protection, I packed Susan Posnick’s mineral foundation with SPF 20, which does not count as a liquid. All my skincare, hair care and toothpaste fit into a small zip lock bag, amazingly enough! I used the cleanser, toner and moisturizer every day, AM and PM, and absolutely nothing else. I had no choice! I was worried that my skin was going to look horrible because of the stress of travel, the dry desert air in Las Vegas and the fire pollution in LA. On the contrary: At the end of the 2 weeks, I couldn’t believe how good my skin looked: So calm, supple and serene.

This experience was really a wake-up call for me. Now, back in New York, I religiously stick to my 1-2-3 basics: Rice Facial Cleanser, Tamarind Toner and Sweet Black Tea & Rice Moisturizer. Real simple, quick, easy and effective. Plus, now I know I can squeeze my toiletry products into one small zip lock bag.

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