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Productive walking?! – Jill Sung

12 Feb

I love moving around and the concept of exercising, but can’t get myself to walk into a gym. The utter dread of exercising in a room full of strangers for an hour is related more to boredom and time moving so slowly than anything else. When I walk around the city, I’m energized by the small traces of life I see all around me, whether it be street graffiti, people talking animatedly on the streets, or the rare brave squirrel that makes it past the gated clumps of grassy gardens we New Yorkers love. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking in the forest and the suburbs too, it’s the diversity of life and living around me that I love. But I’ve come up with something new since I can’t bring myself to walk into a gym and enjoy it for more than 1 week. I’ve discovered body weights. ( Weight training is super important for body health, especially as we age. It helps to build strong bones, which our bodies depend more on from weight training than drinking in calcium (ie. Milk) as we age. And you burn more calories when you’re walking around with weights on. It’s a win win. Plus wearable weights are perfect for the winter when I’m wearing warm clothes (at home or work) No one can tell I’m wearing them on my forearms or calves under my clothing. So just don’t tell my work mates I’m working out while working with them. And someone please help me come up with a solution for the summer!


Tip: Make Your Favorite Moisturizer Last Longer – Metta Murdaya

12 Feb

We just had an amazingly fun and successful event on February 4th with Three Custom Colors makeup line and Red Market Salon NYC, and all I have to say is I’m so excited that even in this cold and freezing New York weather, we had a line out the door before the event started! Having the weather forecast say it was going to be one of the coldest evenings of the year made us anxious that no one would want to trek out for a beauty party. But the anxiety of an empty room became a feeling of excitement when the stream of people arrived! For those who waited in the freezing cold to get in, congratulations and kudos, because 20 degrees is seriously no picnic. We offered free make-overs, skincare consultations, and free hair blow-outs, goodie bags and drinks. Everyone from clients to beauty editors came to revel in a night of primping and pampering. It was really fun. My take-away: Despite the recessional woe-is-the-world news, doom-and-gloom hunker down and save nervousness – let’s face it, whenever we can have an opportunity to look and feel beautiful, we’ll take it. Beauty and healthy skin inspired confidence – and how to do that now when everyone’s watching their wallets? I spoke to a few women who were avid Creme de La Mer fans. They said as much as they loved using it, they didn’t want to use so much that it would run out quickly, especially these days!

So their question was how does one get beautiful, perfectly hydrated skin without skimping on their fave pricey and lovely moisturizer? By using our JUARA Tamarind Tea Hyrdating Toner before applying the moisturizer! The toner is the perfect addition to make a favorite moisturizer last longer, since it’s a hydrating elixir that soothes and adds oil-free moisture to your skin, addressing the dehydration that we all face, enabling one to use less of their La Mer (or other favorite) moisturizer while acheiving the same results. Unlike the old-school toners which have alcohol and can strip and overdry skin, think of the JUARA Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner more as the first step to moisturizing rather than the last step of cleansing. Alcohol-free, fragrance-free and filled with a chock of hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed extract to hydrate and increase suppleness of skin, this natural and silky liquid will absorb quickly into your skin. Then you can seal all that goodness with your favorite moisturizer; you won’t need as much since the toner has already given your skin a head start with hyrdation. And at $27 a bottle, this no-cotton-ball-needed toner in a pump will go a long way. (Why waste the precious liquid on a cotton ball anyway, we ask?) No need to spend a million bucks to look like it. That’s our recession tip!

Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to make their favorite products last longer?
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