2-for-1 Special, Weird but Good – Metta Murdaya

1 Dec

kombucha-coconutIt sounds kinda weird. It’s hard to imagine the flavor. If I saw it in a store, I would NOT jump to buy it. But in a blazingly impulsive ‘why not, life is short?’ moment, I tried it – and it was delicious! Of what do I speak of? A mix of Kombucha and Coconut Water.

To all my friends, it’ s no secret that I make Kombucha, a fermented sweet black tea, at home to drink daily.  (I love it so much we even put it in our JUARA face care, especially the Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer.) Despite the bazillion benefits you can find online for Kombucha, the 2 most prominent (and widespread, better known) benefits I love include:
1. The refreshingly tangy sweet taste and the energy I get (not the caffeine jolt kind of energy but the generally upping-the-level-of-my-baseline energy level.)  It’s supposed to improve digestion as well, which is related to increased energy levels.
2. How it also normalizes my appetite. Perfect for curbing any chance of my power eating through a big bag of chips! Do I feel snacky? Drink kombucha – a few sips usually nips any unhealthy urges. Amazing, it just works.

It’s also no secret I’m a huge fan of coconut water. Not just buying into the hype of it being the ‘new gatorade’ alternative, given a fairly active workout schedule, I have noticed a difference. The million benefits of coconut water are also easy enough to search online, but the top 2 reasons I like it are that it are that:
1. It quickly replenishes body fluids thanks to the natural balance of potassium, calcium, sodium magnesium, making it the perfect electrolyte drink.
2. It is (oh yay!)  low in fat and calories, unlike coconut milk – which is like heaven in curries and asian dishes, and probably wreaks havoc on any diet.

So how do you mix it? I just do 1 part of Kombucha, 1 part coconut water, but I suppose it’s to taste.  How  do the 2 taste together? It has the tangy sweet/sour fizzy flavor of Kombucha, but also a slightly (I know this sounds weird,) but buttery, rounder flavor of coconut water to cut the tang and a gentle sweetness that makes the drink almost gulpable. Both beverages are available at almost every health food store and Whole Foods at this point so they’re easily accessible. Sound crazy? Try it… I dare you. And the awesome part, it’s like 2 low calorie power drinks combined into one, how much better does it get?

(To read my older post on how to make Kombucha at home, scroll down to see my March 31, 2009 post here.)

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