Beating the Holiday Blitz – Jill Sung

3 Dec

Essence of Vali - sleepingWith the holidays already upon us, I sometimes get overwhelmed with all that I have to do (presents, family get-togethers, Christmas donations for children via NY Cares’ Winter Wishes) …December is just too short  a month!  But one has to stay healthy or all that busy-ness can turn to tiredness…and overdosing on caffeine can be a vicious cycle.

This holiday month, I plan to stay healthy and sleep well so I won’t need to cover up the under eye shadows and ruin every family Christmas picture I make it into. Exercise is important and helps you sleep better at night. So when I’m in the city, I try to ride my bike or walk wherever I go – building exercise into my schedule is easiest for me because I know I’m horrible at going to the gym. Although it’s harder to do when I’m in the Texas suburbs or when I’m traveling, I try to give up driving to the grocery store or sitting in the hotel room, by walking to the grocery store or walking laps around the hotel. (A UCSF study found that for every extra mile walked per week, there was a 13% less chance of cognitive decline for older women- it’s never too early to start building good habits! Cheesy but true.) My sister loves her pedometer.

If I know I can’t sleep, I use Essence of Vali sleep products – plant-based aromatherapy that is really affordable and easy – just dab a little on your pillowcase at night and you’ll find drifting into lala land easy enough (watch out for samples with JUARA soon – Valerie, the aromatherapist founder, has graciously shared some of her soothing concoctions with us). And this will sound self-serving, but I swear that our Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask really works. If I know I have a tough day the next morning, I sleep with this mask on – a thin layer goes on invisible, and while I sleep, the patented turmeric ingredient removes all the age-creating molecules I built up during the day. Turmeric is the miracle root of Asia – super detoxifying for the liver and the skin – it’s been shown in research as having extremely strong anti-cancer activity. But don’t get me started – I love Turmeric.

Okay, gotta run, 22 days til Christmas and I’m already behind…

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