Simple tricks to boost energy during pregnancy – Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo

7 Dec

Pregnant and cold showerPregnancy can do a number on your energy level, especially during the 3rd Trimester.  At 7.5 months, it’s getting harder and harder for me to sleep through the night and it’s getting harder to move around.  Result:  I feel sleep-deprived, exhausted and sluggish.  Meanwhile, work at JUARA during the holiday season is demanding as ever.  Due to pregnancy, I limit coffee or tea to a max of 1 cup per day and Red Bull is not an option.  Exercise or a walk around the block are great energizers, but here are some additional quick & easy tricks to stay energized and awake throughout the day.  Here are my top 5 tricks:

1) Make eye drops your constant companion: In my case, the slightest tiredness immediately shows in my eyes.  My eyes look and feel irritated and dry, which makes it hard to focus on anything visually or mentally.  Single-dose eye drops (available at drugstores) have become my constant companion.  They sit in my purse next to my metro card.  A couple of cool drops mid-day serve as an instant pick-me-up.

2) Hard-core airing out of home or office, even during freezing weather: Bundle up and then open up every single window and door in your apartment or office, even with arctic temperatures outside.  Let the space be completely aired out, so that every corner will fill with fresh, oxygen-rich air.  Close windows after 5-10 minutes.

3) Spray energizing Aromatherapy Mist throughout room. For best results, do this after airing out the space.  My favorite aromatherapy spray for increasing energy is Essence of Vali’s Uplift Mood Mist, which smells amazing and literally gives your energy and mood a lift with its essential oils of bergamot, spruce, llitsea cubebe and lavender.

4) Alternating hot/ cold shower in the AM. I know, this is really hard, especially in this weather, but trust me, it has an amazingly long-lasting effect.  My friend swears that ever since he started taking hot-cold showers, he hasn’t been sick as much.  Plus, it is supposed to also strengthen the elasticity of your skin and help reduce cellulite.  Just remember 2 important rules:  First, always start cold showers on your feet and work yourself up your body.  You don’t have to shower your head with cold water though.  Second, finish with a cold shower.  If it’s too hard to shower your entire body in cold water, just do your feet and lower legs.  The energizing effect is still amazing.

5) Power-nap with the “key” trick. A little power nap during the day does not mean you’re a slacker.  It can be therapeutic and increase your productivity significantly.  Here is a trick for the most time-efficient power nap.  Sit in a comfortable chair, put on a sleep mask and use ear plugs if you get easily distracted by light and noise.  Put your house keys in your hand or dangle them from a finger.  As you drift off into slumber, you will relax and eventually drop your keys which should wake you up.  That’s it!  That’s your power nap.  You can repeat this 2-3 times if you are really tired, but usually that should be enough to give your energy a boost.

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