Cold Feet? – Metta Murdaya

9 Dec
This is how my feet feel like.

This is how my feet feel like.

Some people get cold feet when they have to walk down the aisle or try something  different, but I get cold feet in the most literal way possible. My feet are constantly in a state of freezing. I must admit despite heaters, I have fallen asleep with thick socks on AND my hands wrapped around my feet – and ended up with cold hands. How sad. Some tips on how I beat cold feet:

–  Get many wool socks for the price of 1. Invest in a great pair of cold-weather wool socks which holds in heat wonderfully. To avoid buying several (as they are pricey, about $29+ each) and overwashing them, wear them over a thin pair of socks (so it doesn’t add bulk) that are inexpensive. You change the thin pair everyday to get fresh socks, while the thick one remains clean. Here’s a place with a great selection. The ones I specifically have and LOVE are here. I know it says “Men’s” but I just get a small.

Get snowboarding socks. If you want a thinner sock that is warm, snowboarding socks work wonders too. They go over the calf to and have a good elastic grip (no sliding down,) and also keep you super warm without the bulkiness of hiking socks – a must-have for someone going up and down a mountain all day with equipment. They’re priced in the $teens to $twenties.

Exercise regularly. When you exercise, your body builds new blood vessels to increase the rate at which it can circulate oxygen. And increased circulation also means increased heat.

Wear a hat. Despite the myth that you lose up to 40% of your heat to your head, (the real number is actually closer to 10%) – it’s a 10% that counts. Because your head has less fat to insulate it and more blood vessels around the surface, as soon as it starts losing heat, more blood moves towards the head to protect the brain and keep it warm. Increased circulation at your noggin may come at the cost of leaving your feet out in the cold.

If  you feel your feet are constantly cold or abnormally so, however, it’s best to check with your doctor to make sure there are no serious underlying conditions that may have to be treated, or any peripheral vascular diseases (PVD) that may be related to circulation problems. If you are diabetic, definitely check with the doctor. Otherwise, I’m also on the lookout for easy foot warming tips, so any comments/suggestions are welcome!

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