And For a Non-Snowy Interlude…- Metta Murdaya

28 Dec

My photo at the Tugu Hotel in Lombok – lovely weather all year round.

So far, we’re just passed Christmas, the first large NY snowstorm, and a soppy raining weekend. Though the weather outside could be more frightful, I don’t think the worst is here yet. Nine years in New York, and I feel like no 2 winters have been the same. I’ve been through superlatives, with the news touting one year it was the “Biggest snowstorm.” The next year, “The Coldest Winter.” The next, “The Longest Winter.” Last year, it was “The most schizophrenic-almost-non-existent-god-help-us-global warming winter.” Each winter was followed by strangely short or late summers bracketed by rainy springs and pleasant, split-second falls. So tomorrow, will it be sweater-pleasant or puffy-coat-hat ungodly? In New York, the weather is still deciding whether to be 48 or 20 degrees, which makes for a surprise outfit du jour. But  such is the adventure we face living in a state with real seasons. For a cheeky moment, let me just tout the benefits of being in a solo-season country (hot) like Indonesia, with one variation only: Wet or Dry. I have my reasons to think that living in a hot and humid tropical country is quite convenient, and here are just a few reasons why. If you’ve spent time in a tropical country, I hope you can relate… And for those of you who haven’t, I hope you are amused.

1. You don’t need a watch. The weather is like clock.  In case your watch breaks, just wait for the torrential rain to pour out of the blue. Then you’ll know it’s 3pm. When it stops, it’s 4pm.

2. Free sauna/cold pool all year round. Exit big building, walk a block. Sweat. Enter big building. Instant freeze from over air-conditioning. Repeat with vigor. Fashion benefit: If you work in an office, you can also wear that stylish warm sweater all year round thanks to perpetual building over-air-conditioning.

3. Delicious tropical fruit all year round. Fresh coconut juice straight off the tree available everyday. Can’t beat that. Not to mention,  it’s beautiful weather for that trip to Bali almost all the time… mmmm….

4. Save money on shopping. Summer weather means summer fashion all year round, no need to shop for a winter wardrobe,  (except for maybe point 2 above.) Packing for trips are awesome – shorts and t-shirts are so much less bulky than sweaters and jackets…

5. No need to rake the leaves. Fall? What fall?

Anyone have preferences on single-season or multi-season living locations? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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