New Decade. New You. New US. – Jill Sung

31 Dec

New Year’s is around the corner, and this time it’s the start of a New Decade.  2010.  This past year was a difficult year for almost everyone I know and tons of people I don’t know…so I’m hoping that 2010 will be amazing.  Trite, but you know what I mean. It’s a new decade, so it’s a double new beginning this January 1. I guess that means it carries twice the hope a normal new year brings.

I love “hope”. It’s what keeps people going.  There’s a million organizations with “hope” in their name. It springs eternal. Hope is in love, religion, relationships, work, and the self….and almost every novel or non-fiction book I’ve ever read speaks of hope to some degree. I read a social science study which found that Americans lead the world in having “hope”! How cool is that? But I digress.

With the hope that the new year brings, comes New Year’s Resolutions. We love to hate them, hate to love them, and can’t live with or without them. (I’ve made resolutions yearly, biannually, monthly, biweekly, weekly…you get the picture. I’m a fixer-upper =) The to do list that keeps on going and never ends. Resolution bunny.)  It’s a ritual that almost everyone around the world has performed. Every culture celebrates the new year – maybe not on this date, but it’s celebrated and looked on with hope and wishes for a better something.

Look back, evaluate, learn, look forward, improve, and repeat.

I looked around on the internet and even some top ten lists of resolutions exist.  The best list I found is on the site (best because it has links to how and why (America has a vast amount of resources we can enjoy)…and who doesn’t want to send health-e-cards?):

All variations of be healthy, live healthy and the golden rule. I thought to try to improve upon this list, since it’s a new decade, but all mine still fit within the be and live healthy, golden rule paradigm, so I figured I’d stick with what seems to work. And I’ve decided for the new decade to also follow the rules on how to stick to resolutions. Write them down, make resolutions with small achievable goals, re-evaluate regularly/daily, post them somewhere you look daily, get other people involved.  That’s key – getting other people involved. Enlist help from family and friends. Make meaningful bets with someone with similar goals. Encourage each other. By having them help you, you help them. Community living in whatever community you live in. All of the old adages apply. Then pay it forward.

And although 2009 was a challenging year, I see positive changes all around. Here’s to a great 2010 and beyond!

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