Get Your Groove On – Jill Sung

29 Jan

I received an invitation the second week of January for a healthy brunch amongst friends. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! Three weeks later, I’m semi-regularly updating my exercise habits on a shared Google spreadsheet seen by friends and acquaintances, while being offered weekly encouraging communications from my “encouragement partner”, Amy.

The first email was a little bit tricky, I saw the words “brunch” and “get-together”, and without reading the fine print, jumped on the food-wagon…who says no to brunch?!  Okay, in re-reading the email, it wasn’t tricky. I’m just no good at details.

THE DEAL: set 2 attainable weekly goals (eg. sleep by 11pm, exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week, eat green veggies 7 meals a week)

TIME FRAME: 2 months (that’s 8 whole weeks of discipline! longer than most gym attendance memberships…)

THE METHOD: check in regularly to log your “success”, support a partner with similar goals, meet up at parties/brunches/yoga/events 2 times a month

Wish me luck in my goal of 20 minutes of solid exercise 3 times a week and no sugary snacks 3 times a week. And I’ll see you in 5 more weeks. Hopefully by then, I’ll have formed new habits and can start anew on other personal projects!

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