To Paper or Not to Paper? – Jill Sung

12 Mar

That’s not really the question. Or is it? As in any business, you can’t avoid paper, but at JUARA HQ we always think twice before we print anything on recycled paper: emails, bills, orders, etc. When possible we print front and back or print on the back of paper that we no longer need. And we love recycling! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. That’s our live-by mantra. We recycle as much as we can, try to use recycled when possible, or produce on paper from well-managed forests. We produce products that use as little “packaging” as possible. Our folding cartons and samples are printed on FSC or SFI certified paper – meaning it’s from well-managed forests.

But in considering the pervasiveness of paper in life, and trying to be responsible about the use of paper, we find that the challenge is to always challenge ourselves. We’re constantly finding new ways to improve our use of paper: streamlining, changing processes, etc. And learning where paper comes from and where it goes is important too in making that decision. What does recycling really mean? Is it better to use paper from a well managed forest or a recycling plant? Does recycled paper use more energy to create? What are the standards of recycling, etc.

Although this is a topic that a blog can barely cover, I did want to share a few facts. Did you know that paper recycling results in an energy savings of 40% (aluminum is 95%!) and an air pollution savings of 70%? Paper can only be recycled up to about 6 times, after which the fibers become too short to produce quality paper. (Metals and glass can be almost infinitely recycled). Much of the waste paper that is produced in recycling is actually shipped to India to be recycled, then shipped back… And there’s so much more to learn and understand…but it’s Friday night and my attention is waning.  If you know more about paper and trees and considerations about their usage, please share!

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