Supplement tips for new moms – Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo

11 Apr

What supplements are good for new moms?

If you are a new mom like me, you probably read up a ton on nutrition during pregnancy and took your prenatal vitamin religiously.  What happens after the baby is born?  All of a sudden, you are completely overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to take care of an infant.  Equally important, however, is how to take care of your own health and your body’s healing process after the stress of pregnancy and labor.   Eating balanced meals and exercising is very important but what about supplements?  I asked my friend Douglas Taurel, NYC based personal trainer and Charles Poloquin Bio-Signature coach (and also new father to an adorable, healthy 9 month-old boy) about what he recommended:

“The most important supplement I believe through experience and training that pregnant women and new moms should supplement with is Fish Oil. I suggest it to all my clients, women, men, pregnant and golden age that they should supplement with fish oil.  Omega 3 is what we are after.”  Aha!  Here it is again, Omega 3 – remember how we were told during pregnancy to take lots of Omega 3!  Douglas gave me a whole list of benefits, which made me run to the vitamin shop to get some.  As Douglas explained, women should be close to pre-pregnancy about 12 weeks after giving birth.  Omega 3 fish oil can help because it helps the body burn more fat AND it actually reduces the body’s tendency to store fat.  In addition, Omega 3 increases Serotonin in the brain which is a very strong antidepressant and helps with anxiety, panic attacks and reduces carbohydrate cravings – very important for those experiencing the postpartum depression.  It helps reduce inflammation in the body, obviously very important in the body’s healing process after pregnancy.  Omega 3 also assists the body in putting on muscle, so if you’re breastfeeding, upping your Omega 3 intake will help your baby grow stronger and healthier.

Motherhood can be crazy, especially if you are also working, but no matter how chaotic the day gets, I stick to my supplements:  a good multivitamin, extra fish oil for Omega 3 and calcium.  Thanks Douglas!  (Check out

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