Animal Testing for Skincare? Not in this Life! – Jill Sung

29 Apr


I didn’t grow up with many pets because my brother was allergic. We tried the usual, “trade him for puppy” trick, but my mom was too smart for that. Fish were our replacement. Big bulbous headed goldfish! More orangy if you ask me. All had names and personalities. Our favorite was Big Momma. Metta, I think, has had every animal on the planet. Perhaps that’s a minor exaggeration…. Yoshiko is animal happy too. I didn’t have a picture with Big Momma, but here’s Metta with her cat. So when it comes to testing on animals, we’re all a big NO!

JUARA is cruelty free and registered with PETA. Not only does that mean we don’t test on animals, it means that we make sure the ingredients we purchase are not tested on animals either. We also don’t contract testing out to other people who might test on animals – although that’s a nice loophole I hear some companies take. We love our animals…and almost got a JUARA cat, but didn’t want visitors to have to worry about allergies.

Then you ask, is JUARA safe? Yes, we’re dermatologist tested, and used non-animal means to test. We’re safe, and we love animals. I love that we can have an effect on what is out in the marketplace. And we look forward to creating even more good for earth and people products. Empowering, you know what I mean?  What else empowers you?

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