New Year Resolutions – Jill Sung

3 Jan

This year, I started off the new year with friends, and we decided to share a few of our New Year resolutions. We actually made a game of it by writing up a few personal resolutions, throwing them in a pot, and went around the circle with each person picking out 2 resolutions that they hadn’t thought of or made themselves. Of course the pot resolutions were in addition to our own, but relatively easy to do with regards to money, ability, and interest, and you had the option to “go fishing” for more, if you were dissatisfied with your luck of the draw.

I’m sure my friends would agree, but this was a fun new year’s game! Not only did it keep each person ACCOUNTABLE because the resolution was public, but it introduced people to some NEW IDEAS they had not previously thought of!

Some examples:

  • I will bake a pie once a month – for friends or loved ones.
  • Change the battery in my smoke detector. (always necessary, rarely done)
  • Run/Walk a half-marathon. (The smoker in our group got this, but she was resolute to follow it!)
  • Visit 1 new location this year.
  • Eat more vegetables by joining a CSA (community supported agriculture – great option for fresh, often organic produce, at a fair cost, and help the small farmers)
  • Visit a museum once a month, with a friend. (a great list of museums – by state or type)
  • Volunteer for something you believe in, at least once every 2 months. (Giving back is so important – even if it’s just randomly when you’re free – try
  • Buy small gifts for friends….if this isn’t self-serving?!?! actually, friends really appreciated this one!
  • Look for a new job or learn to enjoy this job better. (the receiver of this was working on it January 1! talk about getting a head start)

Hope this helped to cheer up your entry into 2011! And if you haven’t gotten a chance yet to write your resolutions, feel free to borrow, or give me some extra tips. What were your resolutions??


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