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Get your Faux-Glow on: Tips on Getting your Best Sun-Safe Tan! -Lauren Lang

10 Jul

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Safe, sun-free-tanning to a perfect glow!

Summer is here. Hooray! It’s a time when all that seems important is getting that perfect beach tan. It makes you feel great, it makes you look great, but are you being safe? Check these not-so-fun facts out:

  • Forty percent of Americans do not wear sunscreen.
  • One in five Americans will get some form of skin cancer—men especially, since they don’t use makeup and moisturizers with SPF like women do.
  • Chemical sunscreens take around 25 minutes to work, so you’re still exposed if you put it on right before running out the door. (Physical sun block formulas get to work instantly though – just make sure you don’t rub it off as they sit on the surface of your skin.)
  • About 90% of non-melanoma skin cancer is caused by ultra-violet exposure.

So, now that I’ve depressed you…let’s make you happy again! Why not give your skin a vacation from the sun and look at the advantages of using a self-tanner! If having a professionally done airbrush tan is up your alley, we recommend (in NYC) the fabulous Gotham Glow; they come to your home (how convenient!) and use safe, natural ingredients to give you not only a great glow, but can even contour abs (how awesome is that?) But if that’s not an option for you, the DIY at home self-tan is also a great alternative. Having just come to NY myself, the latter is what I’ve been doing and for years. Here are some rules for DIY awesomeness and how to avoid the blotchy/streaky look like you’ve been hit with a bottle of orange soda…

Rule #1: EXFOLIATE BEFORE TANNING. Exfoliation is the crucial part of self-tanning and something that most people ignore from the process – thus those blotchy patches are actually there because old skin has built up, creating an uneven balance for the self-tan to work. It’s a fact that self-tan applies better on fresh and revitalized skin. We recommend the JUARA Candlenut Body Polish. It contains natural shell grains which gently lift off dead surface cells and dulling debris to reveal more radiant skin, yet also gently moisturizes so skin is evenly hydrated and smooth. This is a great two-in-one special for that pre-tanning prep step. Perfect if you’re in a rush before that big night out and need a quick color fix. Another option is to use the JUARA Coffee Scrub in the shower before, then follow with a moisturizer before ‘tanning.’

Rule #2: PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO DRY AREAS. Knees, elbows, ankles are the devil of self- tan, make sure you fully exfoliate and moisturize these problem areas for the best results.

Rule #3: MOISTURIZE AFTER TANNING. If you want to treat your body to that extra luxury after the body polish, ensure your body is silky smooth by lathering yourself with our popular Candlenut Body Creme! It also helps the tan stay on longer.

Rule #4: USE A TRUSTED PRODUCT. Do your research before you buy – find out what’s hot, what’s not and what’s the best color/brand for your skin type. Everyone’s different! Personally, I use L’Oreal Sublime and I’ve never so much as seen an uneven patch yet. (Or perhaps that’s because I fully exfoliate and moisturize before use too…) After you’ve applied it using the given directions, maintenance is what’s going to give your tan the most ‘natural’ look.

In case of a boo boo:
If you’ve made a mistake pour lemon juice onto cotton swab and dab the area. Moisturize daily and your tan could last up to a week. You can re-apply when it starts fading, as long as it doesn’t start becoming patchy. If you get a patch attack, follow the same rules as above and you’ll have a great tan again in no time!

Self-tan, when done correctly, is a great way to flaunt that ‘beach’ look with the satisfaction that your skin is protected and in the best condition it can be! And remember, we didn’t say you had to tell everyone it wasn’t real…