Beauty From The Inside Out

12 Aug

August is Immunization Awareness Month. 

So why are we talking about it? Because…


True Beauty Comes From the Inside, Out!


And we don’t just mean figuratively… we’re talking literally here, people. In honor of that, these are 5 easy habit changes to get you looking good from within:

1. Eat Your Greens!

Just like your mother told you. And she was right, spinach does make you more beautiful. Green, leafy vegetables contain a slew of vitamins and minerals that improve the radiance, elasticity, and luster of your skin. Want to learn more? Check out this post on Juicing For Your Skin for a complete breakdown of what different fruits and veggies do for you.


2. Get Some Shut Eye

We all know that sleep resets the body and allows us to recharge for another day. But did you know that chronic lack of sleep speeds up the aging process, sometimes as much as a decade?!? Scary. I know. For optimal sleep benefits, try to get 7-9 hours of shut eye per night. This super restful sleep has long term benefits like ramping up collagen production and speeding cell growth, as well as short term benefits (lack of under-eye circles, luminous skin, fewer breakouts).


3. Get. IT. On.

The “O Glow” is not just a myth. Sex is one of natures built in remedies for dull, tired skin. Having sex improves blood circulation, which brings more oxygen to the surface skin cells which are usually the last to be nourished. Not to mention to stress-reduction and hormone-regulating powers of sex. Those benefits leave you with clear, acne free, fresh skin for the long haul.


4. Don’t Touch Those Cigarettes

Smoking is the opposite of sex for the skin. It reduces blood circulation which keeps oxygen from reaching the surface skin cells, leaving them ashen and gray. Over time, the lack of blood flow will cause the small capillaries on the surface of your face to shrivel up and die which leads to bigger problems: wrinkles, numbness, even skin shedding. Blech. Just stop it.

5. Smile!

Or, at least, don’t frown. Keeping your face in a pleasant, neutral state keeps the muscles from tiring out and keeps the skin from wrinkling. Smiling also gives you a detectable glow which makes you look instantly more beautiful. Studies show that even a slight smile makes the opposite sex more attracted to you. So smile it up!

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