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Massage: From Bali to your Living Room

13 Jul

Bali is the spa capital of the world.

A beautiful, serene, tropical atmosphere. Warm air and soothing music. Massage, facials, aromatherapy, body wraps- you name it, they do it. 

But during the weeks that you’re not relaxing on a beach in Bali, how can you bring that serenity into your own life? How can you experience that kind of bliss in your own home?

JUARA products are inspired by the spa rituals and botanicals of Indonesia. We’ve combined luscious ingredients like candlenut oil and illipe butter with super foods like turmeric and goji berry to bring you efficacious treatments that can be used at home. As luxurious as our creams and masks are, however, there’s one aspect of the spa experience that we can’t bottle up:


Did you know that over 50% of Americans get massages regularly? With the blossoming of homeopathy and alternative medicine, massage is becoming a staple in our lives. Massage offers a vast array of benefits including:

  • stress reduction
  • anxiety relief
  • muscle relaxation
  • increase in circulation
  • enhanced immune system
  • lower blood pressure
  • better mood

The best part of massage is that it can be done at home! Because this week is “Everybody Deserves a Massage Week”, we’ll be posting our favorite massage tips daily.

Today’s Tip: Setting the Mood

Whether massaging yourself or trading off massages with a loved one, mood is key. Designate a quiet time when you won’t be interrupted (30 minutes or more is ideal) and create an inviting atmosphere. Here are a few of our favorite ways to create a stress-free space:

  • Turn down the lights and ensure that the room is a comfortable temperature
  • Turn your cell phone off (or, better yet, put it in another room)
  • Light candles or put out a diffuser in your favorite scent. Aromatherapy specialists recommend lavender, eucalyptus, rose, chamomile, and vanilla for stress relief.
  • Put on a bathrobe and slippers (it will make you feel like you’re at a spa!)
  • Put your favorite body cream in the microwave for 5 seconds to heat it up. Warm cream is definitely better than shockingly cold cream on sore muscles.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another massage tip!

Boredom: Let’s Fight it for July!

10 Jul

July is National Anti-Boredom Month

Wait… what? Why is there a month for that?

Well, did you know that chronic boredom is a relatively recent diagnosable phenomenon? Yup. While boredom is a common emotion for children, it generally occurs less in adulthood… until now.


Many studies show that with the rise of portable technology and social media (aka the society of ‘now’), adults’ attention spans are growing shorter and shorter. This decrease in attention results in an increase in boredom!


While being bored once in a while is okay, and can even lead to greater creativity, chronic boredom is a gateway for a slew of other negatives, including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger/frustration
  • disengagement/ disinterest in personal relationships
  • over-eating


So why are we bored? And what can we do to get un-bored?

Because we are constantly stimulated by texts, tweets, emails, instagrams, status updates, pins, etc. more than a few minutes of quiet work or ‘nothingness’ makes us feel bored. We have so many easy ways to keep ourselves occupied (but very few of those options include leaving our computers or phones) that when faced with free time we’ve forgotten what to do!

But Do Not Fear!

This month’s collection of JUARA Fit Summer Fun tips will get you off the couch, away from the phone, and back to being excited about sunshine and fresh air! Check in with us every Thursday for a new idea to try out on your next day off 🙂

High Blood Pressure Is Affecting… Your skin???

22 May

High Blood Pressure Affects 1 in 3 Adults in the United States.

But what does that really mean? And how is it affecting your skin??

Blood pressure measures the rate at which the heart pumps blood and the effect that force has on the walls of the arteries. High Blood Pressure is extremely common and, as it has very few visible symptoms, can go untreated for years in seemingly healthy adults.

Dissecting The Numbers

So when you go to the doctor and they tell you your blood pressure is #/#, what does that really mean? Well, the top number (systolic blood pressure) measures the BP when the heart is beating and the bottom number (diastolic blood pressure) measures the BP in when the heart is resting in between beats. So what’s healthy? How do the numbers break down?

These are the current numbers according to The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:

Blood Pressure     Top Number     And/Or     Bottom Number
Normal                          >120               AND                      >80
Prehypertension        120-139            OR                      80-89
High BP 1                     140-159            OR                      90-99
High BP 2                      160+                OR                      100+

So now that we’ve got the numbers down, what does this mean for your skin?

As your blood pressure rises over time, blood vessels throughout the body become damaged. The damage done to these vessels, especially the smaller ones at the surface of the skin and on the face, can cause a rash to form on the body. Damage to blood vessels near the face can also lead to decreased oxygen levels being delivered to the skin, which can result in the following symptoms:

  • loss of skin elasticity
  • dull skin
  • red skin
  • ashy skin
  • slowing of collagen/elastin production

So what can you do to stop this from happening?

  • Yearly doctor visits to check your blood pressure

Catching rising blood pressure before it gets out of hand is key!

  • Add less salt to your foods
  • Exercise Daily-

Even a 10 minute walk can make a difference!

  • Manage your weight

High BP is often correlated with obesity

  • Try a Mediterranean diet

High in fruits, veggies, and protein. Low in red meat and carbohydrates.

  • Listen to your body!

Feeling sluggish or weak? Don’t ignore it- get checked out!



Let’s Talk About Stress

16 Apr


New research is released every day that points to stress as a main factor in major health problems. From fighting obesity to fighting the common cold, reducing stress and increasing sleep time are two key ways to Get Well.

The Irony Of The Situation

is that in times of stress (whether it be an overfull work schedule, travel, or family challenges) when we need the most rest and relaxation to maintain our health, falling asleep and STAYING asleep can be quite difficult.

This 15 Minute Nighttime Ritual May Be Just What You Need To Soothe Your Body, Skin, and Mind.


 Start With A Simple Yoga Stretch

Begin your ritual with a calming pose that you like. Downward Dog, Cobra, or Happy Child work well to calm the body and clear the mind.



Cleanse Your Face and Apply a Mask

Next, wash your face with your favorite cleanser to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over the course of a long day. Then apply a generous amount of a mask to your whole face. I love the JUARA Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask for this step. The Kaolin Clay draws out impurities from the pores, while the Turmeric helps brighten my skin.

Turmeric Mask

Turmeric Mask


Relax With a Cup of Tea… or Wine

While you let the mask work on your face for 10 minutes, enjoy your favorite decaffeinated beverage in your favorite room of the house. But if you opt for wine, keep it to one glass- too much alcohol effects our quality of sleep and will make you feel sluggish the next morning.
Also, try not to watch TV or use the computer during this break. Research suggests that tablet or laptop use up to 2 hours before bedtime hinders our ability to naturally release melatonin (the hormone that makes your sleepy). Instead, read a book or spend some time catching up with your loved ones.



Pamper Your Skin While You Sleep

After giving your body, mind, and skin time to relax, wash off the mask with warm water and directly apply your favorite moisturizer or serum to leave on the skin overnight. Skin is most receptive to treatment at night, so this is the time to apply product that’s packed with antioxidants and other restorative ingredients. Your skin also loses quite a bit of moisture over the course of an evening, so don’t skimp out on the moisturizer!


Lights Out!

When you’re finally in bed, give yourself a mini massage with your favorite body creme and turn out the lights. Once the lights are out, focus on your breathing for a bit of light meditation. When I feel worries trying to enter my mind, I visualize stuffing them into a drawer or putting them into a bag and telling them “I’ll get back to you tomorrow”. Breathe deeply, visualize a peaceful, safe place… mountains, ocean waves, warm sun…zzz….