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Making Your Skin Warm-Weather Ready!

1 May

It’s May 1st!

We’ve made it through the brutal winter, the polar vortexes, and the incessant rain…  But has our skin?????

It’s time to shed those winter layers and show some leg, but to ensure that your skin is as luminous as possible:

Check Out These Fantastic Tips To Make Your Skin Warm-Weather Ready!

1. Ditch That Heavy Foundation

The trick to mastering bright, fresh, spring skin is losing that heavy winter foundation. Don’t hide your face from the world! Try something with slightly less coverage like a tinted foundation or BB Creme to even out your skin tone. Not ready to completely switch beauty products? That’s okay! Try mixing your favorite foundation with a light moisturizer to let more of your natural beauty shine through. JUARA Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer is the perfect mixing partner!

2. Exfoliate, Buff, and Shine!

Nothing says winter skin like dull, ashy legs. Give your body some love by exfoliating away all of the dead skin that has accumulated over this winter season. Pay extra attention to your knees and elbows, the driest areas of your body. 

3. Moisturize!

After you’ve buffed away all of that dead skin, moisturize to keep your body luminous. Something light like JUARA Tiare Jasmine Tea Body Milk is a great option for daytime because it absorbs quickly with a nice, light scent and won’t stain your clothes! Try a heavier cream at night when the skin is most open to absorbing moisture.

4. Hydrate

No amount of exfoliating and moisturizing will illuminate your skin if you’re dehydrated. Beauty starts from within, which is why the best beauty tip ANYONE can give you is to stay hydrated. Proper hydration allows the body to rid itself of toxins so that they don’t take up residence under the skin (in the form of nasty breakouts). Staying hydrated also allows the skin cells to fill with water, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles naturally to create a beautiful glow.



Happy Vitamin C Day!

4 Apr

Did you know that Vitamin C is important enough to have its own national holiday?

Well it’s true! Today, April 4th, is National Vitamin C Day.

We’ve all been told to “Have plenty of Vitamin C!” when we get a cold, but beyond its immunity boosting powers Vitamin C is a key element in healthy, radiant skin.

Here’s What It Does:

Vitamin C (Asorbic Acid)

  • Key in collagen production– the protein that keeps skin looking young by firming and strengthening
  • Protects skin from free radical damage
  • Reduces the appearance of age/sun spots by repairing sun-damaged cells
  • Helps protect against harmful UV damage
  • Lowers blood sugar
And do you know which food contains more Vitamin C (by weight) than any other?

Goji Berries

The Goji Berry is an amazing super-food rich in Vitamins A, B6, C, E, Iron, and Anti-Oxidants. 

And Did You Know…

Goji Berry is an ingredient in JUARA’s Clove Flower and Turmeric Serum!



Click the bottle to learn more about JUARA Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum $62

Hidden Superpowers of the Candlenut Body Creme

27 Mar

The JUARA Candlenut Body Creme.

It’s a cult classic. It’s a favorite.


The product that started it all for JUARA- it has become a love-at-first-sight product for countless JUARA customers, celebrities and beauty editors. An ultra-nourishing complex of velvety Candlenut Oil, firming Rice Bran Oil, redness-reducing Avocado Oil and rich Illipe Butter give you long-lasting moisture without the greasiness. But did you know it’s a whole lot more than a feel good-smells great body creme?

Candlenut Oil  is very high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).  In fact, the oil is 69% EFA, which puts it up there with Flax Seed Oil and Chia Seed Oil (71% and 70% respectively).  Almond Oil has 17%, Avocado has 10%, Rice Bran Oil has 36%, just to give you perspective.


Why is this important?  Application of EFA is key in strengthening the skin’s lipid barrier which is why, for example, Evening Primrose Oil (81%) is often prescribed for Eczema Patients.

So in the context of our Candlenut Body Creme Formulation:

Amazing Avocado*

Caressing Candlenut

Caressing Candlenut*

Impenetrable Illipe

Impenetrable Illipe*

Radiant Rice

Radiant Rice*

Candlenut Oil: Omegas (EFA)
Avocado Oil: Sterols, Vitamin A, Vitamin E
Illipe Butter: High Melting Point- provides a protective barrier for the skin
Rice Bran Oil: Oryzanol (Vitamin E)- essential in improving skin elasticity and brightness
Candlenut Body Creme: It’s a Skin Superfood!

*click the link to check out more products that use these amazing ingredients

Skin Facts: Coffee or Tea? I’ll Take it All! – Lauren Lang

9 Sep

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Coffee or Tea?

Oh, which do I choose… Can I have both?

Ever thought about putting coffee and tea on your face and body? My usual form of coffee or tea intake comes in the style of iced coffees and teas, adding to the 400million cups that are drank per day in the states. Although I might think twice (or thrice) about splashing a bit of that (possibly overpriced) latte or tea on my face before breakfast or bed, I wouldn’t rule out some pretty potent ingredients they contain to put on my skin!

COFFEE: Coffee has been used in other cultures, particularly in Indonesian body scrubs, for a number of years. For example, ‘Boreh’ (a combination scrub of coffee grounds mixed with spices) was developed by farmers in Bali to stimulate circulation and warm the skin; great after a hard day of work, or if you’re feeling the chills. Recent developments have seen the use ofcaffeine (a powerful antioxidant) in products such as eye crèmes and other cellulite appearance reducing body cremes.

Benefits of caffeine can give us a more youthful, healthy look! Here are some ways how:

– Increasing circulation: Helps reduce bags under the eyes in eye cremes, and stimulates healthy blood flow in body scrubs, helping remove toxins. Our Invigorating Coffee Scrub, also stimulates circulation in the skin whilst offering some tightening benefits for younger looking skin. Smell AND feel good – why not!
– Anti-inflammatory & diuretic effect: Good for creams that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite (because sorry ladies, no amount of skin cream alone can break down this type of fat cells…)
– Helps constricts blood vessels which can reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and can also give the skin a smooth, glowing appearance.
– Contains antioxidants, which also help reducing toxins in the skin

Now on to my British favorite – TEA: You guys have ‘Lipton’, us Brits have ‘Tetley’, Tea was first originated in China and has been said to date back to the 10th century BC! Tea can be much more beneficial for your skin than you might think. Green tea contains powerful polyphenolic antioxidants called catechins, which have been proven to fight viruses, slow aging, and have a beneficial effect on health.  Some benefits of tea on the skin include the following, all which make skin look more youthful:

– Antioxidant protection: the catechins and vitamin c in a lot of green tea can help fight free radicals (which can lead to faster skin aging). Our Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner contains all black, green, and white teas.
– Tones skin/refines pores: You can even use real tea for this – an Indonesian traditional secret handed down from mother-to-daughter till today: After cleansing and rinsing, splash your face with your leftover tea (at room temperature, please!) to tone and brighten skin.
– Rejuvenates skin cells: Gives skin a brighter, healthier look. Some studies show it even extends the life span of the skin cells as they near the end of their life cycle; doesn’t do a miracle job on your face overnight, but every little thing counts!
– And don’t forget Kombucha, a fermented sweet black tea with organic compounds that help slow down your skin’s aging process, keeping it plumper and smoother for longer! Read about this fun beverage here and about all its health benefits. Also, the main anti-aging ingredient in Kombucha can also be found in our Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer, the oil-free version, and our Sweet Black Tea Eye Creme.

So next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, or fancy treating your skin and body to some naturalness, remember that your daily dose of coffee and tea can do more for you wake you up from that sleepy state!

For more coffee and tea facts visit: http://www.bellybytes.com/foodfacts/coffee_tea_facts.html

And if you like cool coffee foam art, this is a fun site! http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Food-Recipes/Cool-Cappuccino-Foam-Art.html

Exfoliate to Radiate! – JUARA Intern Lauren Lang

21 Jun

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Summer is here. The sun is shining, the beaches are calling, the iced tea is being sipped and you’re feeling great. You might be prepared for summer….but is your skin?! Exfoliation – a term that most of us (and I’ll ashamedly admit to this) pull a face at. It takes time, it takes effort, and quite frankly we’d rather use that time to enjoy the 90-degree heat.

But what if I told you that your skin is harboring hundreds of dead skin cells called ‘Stratum Corneum’ – even the name makes it sound positively disgusting.

What is it?

Put simply, old skin sheds itself on a regular basis, making way for new skin. Unfortunately not all of this skin is removed and a build up begins to form; the average build up of stratum corneum contains between 15-20 dead cell layers. Eww.


So apart from the obvious benefit of removing this cheeky invasion of cells, here’s a few other benefits to why exfoliating is essential for a glowing summer face (and don’t be lazy, I expect amazing spring, autumn and winter skin too!)

  • Reduces dryness and gray dullness by removes grease and dead skin cells on your skin.
  • Gives your skin an amazing radiant glow and leaves you feeling fresh and more youthful looking in your ‘new’ skin.
  • Improves blood circulation and boosts the flow of oxygen.
  • Can improve performance of product applied after (like that expensive night cream you’re rationing out) by increasing its absorption into the newly exfoliated skin. 

So ‘when and with what’….?

Most experts recommend exfoliating twice a week (stratum corneum – enough said!) We recommend different products for your face vs your body as your face may be more sensitive and require different treatments.

For your face, I’d recommend the Rice Facial Scrub containing fine exfoliating beads, which helps say Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye to those dead skin cells. This gently foaming cleanser + scrub also removes dirt and m ake-up leaving your skin smooth and fresh with a healthy glow! For your body, I also recommend my absolute favorite product  Invigorating Coffee Scrub which is made with fresh Indonesian coffee beans and finer walnut shell grains for dual-action exfoliation. This gently exfoliates and awakens the skin leaving it fresh and awakened and with the most amazing chocolate coffee smell. Plus it also cleanses with soap-free surfactants which means it won’t dry out your skin. Remember this isn’t just for ladies, men love it too!

If you prefer a creamier option, try the Candlenut Body Polish which exfoliates and moisturizes together in one single application. A sister product to the coffee scrub, this one doesn’t so much cleanse as it hydrates deeply while exfoliating. Perfect to use before a self tanner, or on dry skin when you’re about to go out an notice dry patches on arms or legs you just want to rid of! Plus, you’re going to smell sweeter than summer!

Tell me how!

Now you’re equipped with knowledge and products, here’s the many different ways you can exfoliate!

Manual – Usually in the form of a sponge, a facial scrub or a tool, such as a Clarisonic that manually sloughs off the dead skin.

Chemical – Mostly provided over the counter, these types of exfoliation often contain acids and help loosen the skin layers. Most often recognized as ‘peels’.

Superficial/Deep Microdermabrasion – These two types of exfoliation help remove damaged skin cells, giving your skin an overall youthful appearance and is most usually performed by a professional.

So now you know and above are some options on how to exfoliate… SUMMER SKIN HERE I COME!

Rice 101: The Scoop on Skin Benefits. – Metta Murdaya

25 May
Metta in a rice paddy in Borobudur, Indonesia

Greetings from JUARA Girl Metta in a rice paddy in Borobudur, Indonesia

So you think you know about rice? What’s your favorite? Brown, white, black or basmati? Short grain, long grain, jasmine, or sticky? The list goes on and on from types to preparations and flavorings… BUT – how much do you know about what it does on your skin?

Rice is a staple of so many cultures’ diets that given its prevalence around the world, it’s no surprise that it has made its way into skin treatments.  Overall, we know rice is good for your skin, but what it does really depends on what part of the rice makes its way into your skincare products. Let’s go on a quick exploration on the different parts of rice and what it does for your skin.

Rice bran oil: Rich in Vitamins B and E, rice bran oil increases elasticity of your skin and keeps it hydrated and soft. Rice bran oil is unique in that it contains different kinds (vs just one kind of) Vitamin B and Vitamin E, making it a more complex and wholesome ingredient for your skin. You can find it in our naturally anti-aging Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer, and our Sweet Black Tea Eye Creme.

Rice starch: Women in Indonesia traditionally wash rice grains in water and then use the milky rice water to rinse their faces to get smooth, soft, supple skin. The rice starch that coats the outside of the rice husks have an extraordinary ability to hold in moisture, and its benefits are felt immediately on the skin. This oil-free humectant helps hold moisture to skin, and can be found in our sulfate-free JUARA Rice Facial Cleanser and JUARA Rice Facial Scrub. Why is in there? Rice starch is the secret ingredient that will keep your skin smooth and soft after you wash it, and helps prevent overdrying , which can lead to irritation and that uncomfortable, taut feel.
*LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Get the JUARA Rice Facial Scrub + Rice Facial Cleanser for a special value price HERE!*

Rice bran extract: This ingredient helps calm skin and reduce redness. You can find this in our Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner. Though it’s not in the name of our product, this powerhouse of an ingredient makes our toner perfect after washing your face as it not only hydrates but also soothes and calms – especially if you have redness, irritation, or even (or especially, actually!) sunburns on your skin – both on body or face. It also double-duties as an alcohol-free aftershave, soaking the skin with delicious oil-free hydration while soothing the shave. Plus, no cotton ball needed! Just pump into hands, and apply to face.

Do you have favorite products that also include rice?

Gotta Love Those Stretch Marks…NOT! – Saskia G.

21 Feb

Girls, we are on the same page when I say stretch marks are something we all wished we didn’t have? One day they weren’t here, and now they are, and why-oh-why won’t mine go away?!

Quite plain: A stretch mark is…

… a stretching of our skin. The fragile structure of the middle layer (the dermis) is torn beyond its elasticity capability, and then microscopic bleeding occurs. This damage can be seen through the also stretched and then transparent epidermis. A new stretch is mostly red in color, but after a while the color fades to be more of a silver tone. This is due to the disrupted collagen production that may cause the skin pigment producing cells to cease. And then you got yourself some pretty, shiny stretch marks!

“WHY, God? WHY?”, I want to cry out.

This question better phrased might be: “What causes a stretch mark?” According to scientific research, the forming of stretch marks is closely interlocked with a family of steroids called glucocorticoids (What good could come from this name?). When having elevated levels of cortisol (the most common steroid of this group), we tend to store fat and gain weight that leads our skin to tear.
The cause of cortisol? Stress. But stress is not the only cause; lacking good nutrition, too much caffeine and smoking are also accomplices. And rapid  weight gain (due to pregnancy, adolescent growth,  or excessive weightlifting) might also lead to skin ripping.

How can I prevent those little suckers from ruining my life? (Perhaps I’m overreacting but it doesn’t feel like it!)

Easy answer: Maintain healthy skin! Do this by…

  • … following a zinc, Vitamins A, C, D and E and protein rich diet
  • … drinking at least eight 8 oz. cups of water daily
  • … exercising
  • … NOT scratching areas prone to stretch marks
  • … exfoliating  and keeping your skin hydrated

Okay, thanks for those tips, but what am I going to do with the ones I already have?

There are a few options out there, depending on your budget and your willingness to undergo surgery. But generally speaking, once you got ’em, unfortunately, it’s not easy to get rid of ’em.

  • Chemical Peels… a diluted acid solution will remove the top layer of your skin which will induce skin cell production in underlying layers.
  • Laser Surgery… the laser will prompt new tissue growth in the middle layer.
  • Stretch Mark Creams … daily massaging helps to stimulate blood circulation and new tissue growth. Revitol’s Stretch Mark Prevention Cream has been recommended by many sources. Of course,  it does not have to be a stretch mark cream. Lotions with cocoa and shea butter, Vitamin A, E and C and oils (olive,…) are most suitable, for instance  Johnson’s Baby Oil.
  • Exfoliating … JUARA’s Invigorating Coffee Scrub is THE perfect treatment! Drinking coffee: no no no! Using that scrub: yes yes yes!

So, to sum up:

Those silvery lines have ruined my career as the next upcoming super model, (well, those lines and about a million other things,) but that’s about it. I find it difficult to follow the daily routine religiously, and surgery is no option for me. So, they are part of me. But I realize there are worse things in life. I have grown to love them. Ok, maybe not love, but I can live with and still be perfectly happy – and that’s the most important part.